Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

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  • By achieving this industry recognised Diploma you will substantially enhance your expertise by developing your specialist operational knowledge and therefore significantly improve your earning potential
  • A unique opportunity to achieve an industry endorsed diploma, recognised by a UK University, proven to considerably enhance your career opportunities
  • By studying this distance learning course you will develop specialist knowledge at a pace that suits you, without having to attend the classroom

With this Diploma you will develop and deepen your knowledge of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. You will engage with a range of exciting and challenging topics such as the docking process, specifications and docking incidents and accidents, alongside essential subjects such as An Introduction to the Ship Building and Ship Repair industry, contracts and project management.  You will learn the skills required to run and manage the building and repair process.  

You’ll also sharpen your IT, writing and independent thinking skills, and develop the ability to assimilate and evaluate relevant information in constructing an argument. These are skills, greatly sought after in the world beyond study – whether you are already working or changing career.


With changing employment and lifestyle patterns, lifelong learning has become more relevant. Becoming a Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Diploma student enables you to explore your interests and develop your skills alongside work and personal commitments.

Studying the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Diploma is a great way to boost your career prospects. Many students study to develop themselves in their existing role, while others study with a complete change of career in mind.

Employers large and small understand that studying part time while managing work and personal commitments shows determination, adaptability, motivation and a high level of organisational and problem-solving skills – qualities that they value highly.

So if you want to improve your prospects through getting a qualification then we will support you every step of the way!


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“The course was amazing and I would recommend to everyone who is interested in shipbuilding and repair, whether person is not familiar or a professional currently in the industry but wanting to improve their career path.”

Kyaw Kyaw Htwe - Wison Offshore Marine

“I enjoyed this course thoroughly. Most of the material was very engaging…”

Samuel David - Ocean Sparkle Ltd

'Undertaking an MTA course shows commitment to self-development which all good business employers look for in potential employees. 

Achieving an MTA Diploma makes you stand out from the crowd and builds on your own personal knowledge' 

Toby McLaurin - Ocean Independence.   

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